95 People attended!

Along with our market research and Japan property purchase facts presentation, this time we provided information and comparisons about the BnB management facts in Japan. In June there will be new regulations and laws regarding the BnB or short term stay management in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and other places around Japan. Such revised regulations include that you can only manage a unit under this type of operation for half a year, or some wards in Tokyo such as Shinjuku has passed a regulation stating that you could only have short term users on the weekends, and etc. The fact is that Japan is tightening their regulations regarding this operation and it does have an impact on the investment view. People are now saying that you make much more less so it is better and easier to just have a standard tenant. All the attendees were satisfied and glad that they came to our event to further understand what is going on in Japan right now. 


4 Companies

4 Real Estate companies (developers, sellers) joined our seminar to sell a variety of property types to Hong Kong buyers such as 2nd hand condo units, newly built family type units, and guest houses in Kyoto developed and registered for a "clean" operation to relate to our presentation.  

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