More than 120 people attended.

Many Hong Kong investors have purchased high yield, old property located in remote areas. Some are successful but many investors have attended our event to find a way to sell their property off. Since a few years ago agents in Hong Kong have been focused on selling these very cheap properties to investors, who in the long run have regretted the purchase. Our event gave them an insight on what would be the better investment options versus the very cheap property that was introduced via agents. During this event we have many people talk to our tax accountant for consultations, many talk to companies to find an exit strategy, and many asked us about the current market and what our property management services included. 


Total of 6 companies 

For this event we had 6 companies that offered all types of property including residential units, enbloc apartments, and even commercial buildings. Areas covered all of Japan from Hokkaido, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, and even Okinawa! 


Event Picture