Property Price Fluctuation in Tokyo



In April of 2017, LIFULL HOME`S has developed a method that obeys government regulations and calculates the Property Price Fluctuation of Second hand Condominiums and detached Houses in major cities in Japan, and major cities in the United States of America with the assistance of Trovit, which was acquired by LIFULL in 2014.


This method takes the average prices of all the second real estate in 2010 that LIFULL HOME`S has acquired over the many years and creates a basis of 100. From that basis LIFULL HOME`S calculates the movement/fluctuation of current and similar second hand real estate every 3 months to provide a visible chart of the actual property price increase or decrease. Supervisor and Lead Researcher , Professor from the University of Tokyo, Chihiro Shimizu, played the most important role in taking the lead of a team to develop a formula with LIFULL HOME`S vast property data to bring transparency to Japan`s property market, and the property market of major cities in the United States of America.


Below is a chart of “Tokyo`s Property Price Fluctuation” from 2013 (year after the 2020 Olympics was confirmed) to January, 2017 that was compiled from LIFULL HOME`S Price Index. Please use it as a reference.



In addition, Japan`s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism also has a formula very similar to LIFULL HOME`S Price Index formula, and uses this to provide the price fluctuation of property in Japan.

As data shows, condominiums in Japan show a

drastic price increase since the confirmation of

the Olympics in 2012.