Population Demographics of Tokyo

Rental Tenants for Tokyo


Tokyo has a population of 13.5 million people according to estimates done in 2016 by the Japanese government. This amount would be 25% of Japans entire population, which is all gathered into one big metropolis. With this population the occupancy rate of Tokyo is said to be 97%+ and it is also said that with a vacant studio or 1 bedroom unit, you could expect a tenant to move into your apartment in less than a month ~ 6 weeks. By the way the peak moving season for Tokyo is March and November when most companies move around their employees to get ready for the new fiscal, and April is when the new school year starts. 


Regarding the demographics of the households in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Statistics Division Bureau of General Affairs has done a research and estimation up to the year 2035. Below is a breakdown chart of Singles, Couples living together/ Married but no children, and families with children.




This chart could provide you information on which type of property would have the “easier” tenant target for your investment unit. Would it be a single bedroom to cater to the large amount of singles in Tokyo? Or would it be a 2/ 3 bedroom located in a residential area to cater to the other half? A factor you should keep in mind when purchasing a property for investment in Japan.


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