Chinese Investment in Japan

Chinese companies successively acquire

land in Japan, Chinese people already

have 2% of the country land- Chinese media


On October 23, 2017, Hong Kong's overseas tour company · EGL Tours revealed that they bought 4 Okinawa lands by using about 67.3 million HK dollars (about 982 million yen) . The Chinese media · Pengpai newspaper reported.

The above four places are Naha-shi Makishi 3-chome 346, 348 No. 1, 350, 361 No. 11, the total area is about 2,103 square meters, now it is used for hotel development and operation. The transaction is scheduled to be completed by November 30 this year. Chinese and Chinese companies buy land in Japan one after another. According to the Japanese media, real estate such as land and buildings was acquired one after another mainly in Hokkaido, and in 2016 2,411 hectares of water source area (as big as 513 times of Tokyo Dome) was acquired. However, this is a number limited to the source of the water source, and if it includes others, in fact it seems that more than ten times of land which ware handed to the Chinese people. It is speculated that 2% of the land has already been bought by the Chinese, and there are concerns that Japan's security and sovereignty will be threatened.



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