Condominium Investing better than Life Insurance??

Condominium Owner benefits bigger

than current life insurance!!!


The reason why becoming a condominium owner is more beneficial than life insurance benefit is that if you join a group credit life insurance when you form a loan, should the owner decease or become handicapped during the loan repayment period, then the group credit life insurance applied loan balance will become 0. If your family inherits the owned properties they can continue to receive stable rent income, or choose to sell the property to receive cash. Many people are starting to notice the benefits of investing in real estate versus the current life insurance products. 

The model case above assumes a case where you leave an apartment without debts to your family when your husband dies. As rental income of 100,000 yen can be received as monthly living expenses, financial support of the remaining family will be possible and the remaining partner can count on rental income rather than having to find a part time job.



It is said that the living expenses of the family left after the husband's death are approximately 70% of the current living expenses. It is surprising that living expenses do not change very much but household income surely decreases by more than 30%. It is important to prepare and be financially stable in a case that any accident happens.


Source:Tokyo net worth