Autumn sight-seeing in Nikko, Japan

Autumn Sight-Seeing colors in Nikko

1.Ryuzu Falls

The waterfall at Yugawa pours into Chuzenji Lake, going on for about 210 meters before falling into a plunge basin where it splits into two. The waterfall is named “Ryuzu" (dragon’s head) because the falling water resembles a dragon. There is a viewing platform right in front of the waterfall. The location is also known for having early fall foliage in Okunikko, where the waterfall, situated against the rich mist and an abundance of trees, creates an awesome view.


2.Lake Chuzenji

Located at an altitude of 1,269 meters, Chuzenji lake is the highest natural lake in Japan. Take a walk around the lake while enjoying the view of Mt. Nikko and Mt. Nantaisan, as well as the view of abundant trees that decorate the lake. We also recommend seeing the foliage from a ferry.


3.Kegon Falls

The waterfall is one of Japan’s three greatest waterfalls alongside Fukuroda Falls and Nachi Falls. The cascade that falls from a height of 97 meters is a truly impressive sight. There is a pay elevator that will take guests close to the waterfall.

4.Nikko Irohazaka Winding Road

As a famous tourist spot, “Nikko Irohazaka” has been picked as one of “Japan’s 100 Roads.” The color of the mountains changes subtly on different altitudes, so you can see where the leaves are turning into red. Although the location is stunning to behold, the panoramic view from Akechidaira is simply breathtaking.

5.Senjogahara Marshland

A vast marshland created by the eruption of Mt. Nantaisan which accumulated huge amounts of sediment at Yugawa. From June to October, the location has beautiful iris flowers which are usually seen in high altitudes. Beautiful red foliage decorated the marshland last year around late September to early October. The location is suitable for hiking.


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Nikko is a great recommendation.

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