Hokkaido and Niseko

Hokkaido and Niseko, the place of great sea food,

winter festivals, and the best powder snow


Have you seen this mountain before?


You might have thought it was Mount Fuji. However, this mountain is located in Hokkaido named Mount Yotei. Mount Yotei (1898m) is one of the highest mountains in the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The descent on this beautiful stratovolcano attracts many ski tourers every year. Mount Yotei is also called Ezo Fuji (Hokkaido’s Mount Fuji), because its shape resembles the famous Japanese mountain. If you are looking for a challenging and unforgettable ski tour, please visit the Mount Yotei. Aside from Mount Yotei, Hokkaido also offers gorgeous scenery, amazing seafood cuisines, winter festivals, and an experience that you cannot get anywhere else in Japan. 


If you like skiing please also visit Niseko(Hokkaido). Niseko is the most famous ski resort in Japan, known world wide for having tons of light powder snow, spectacular backcountry and a large number of foreigners - especially Australians - who in recent years have been responsible for popularizing the resort area with the skiing/snowboarding community outside of Japan. As a result, Niseko's resorts are very accessible and welcoming to foreign visitors, which they keep busy with plenty of vast, long ski runs, endless powder, and a growing number of after-ski activities. Do plan a trip to Niseko to experience world class powder snow and an amazing ski village experience.

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