Foreigner Population in Tokyo

Accelerating foreigners’ population growth in Greater Tokyo


The population in Japan has decreased compared with 2016, however the population of foreigners in Japan was increased compared with 2016. The fact is, the half of increased foreign population in Japan is focused in Greater Tokyo.


The population in Japan in 2017, is 127.91 million. And it decreased 159,000 (-0.1%) from the previous year, however, the population of foreigners in Japan has increased 149,000.

In Greater Tokyo, it increased 72,000 people from the previous year which is almost half of the foreign population increase in Japan. In Greater Nagoya and Greater Osaka, Japanese population has decreased but foreigner’s population has increased in 2017, however both Japanese and foreigners’ population increased in Greater Tokyo. Other than those three areas, the population of foreigners in Hokkaido, Kagawa, Saga, Miyazaki, Okinawa increased more than 10% compared with the increasing percentage in the previous year.

Approximately 60% of the population increase in Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba among Greater Tokyo, were by foreigners.

In Greater Tokyo, 40% of population increase was by foreigners.

The foreigners’ population in Greater Tokyo is estimated to increase in the coming years and this population is increasing at a rapid speed.


Resource: Mizuho Trust Bank, Real Estate Market Report, Sep, 2017. 

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