Norway Pension fund enters Japan market, and wants more.

Norway Pension fund acquires their 1st property in Tokyo


In 2017 is when Norges Bank Real Estate Management, the Government Pension Fund Global or Norway, who holds a market value of roughly 8,147 billion Krones (about USD 1 trillion), acquired their first property in Japan with Tokyu Land Corporation. Norges Bank Real Estate Management acquired 70% share of an office/retail that sums to JPY 92.8 billion (USD 875 million) while Tokyu Land Corporation acquired the remaining 30%.


The firm just recently started to invest in real estate since 2010 by purchasing property from all over the world then establishing an office in Tokyo 3 years ago. They have stated that Tokyo is an investment option that they are going to settle in and continue to acquire for a “long time”.


With firms such as the above, individual investors who are purchasing property in Tokyo (or other Japan) has started to pick up again compared to the slight down fall during 2014~2016. Just in 2017 the total amount of investing came out to JPY 1.1 trillion yen and 2018 is starting to look good at this point as well.


New generation investors are all noticing the flow stream of investing in Japan by large hedge funds, investment firms (such as Norges), and especially individual investors.

Take this information as a “safety” when considering to invest in Japan.