Acquisition Costs

General acquisition costs when purchasing a property in Japan.


Here is a breakdown of the general acquisition costs that will be calculated towards your property purchase.

These costs will be calculated prior to settlement and added to the property price, which will need to be paid along with the final settlement payment.


-------- Acquisition (1time payment upon purchase) ---------


----- Related Taxes for Property Purchase -----


1. Consumption Tax

  8% of “Building” Price

  *Second hand individual seller is tax free


2. Stamp Duty

 Progressive on Property Price

   10mil~50mil =10,000

   50mil~100mil = 30,000

   100mil~500mil = 60,000


3. Registration

 Based on Assessed Value

   Brand new:0.4%

   Second Hand:2%                   



3. Acquisition Tax  (*3-6months after handover

 Based on Assessed Value


   Land:1/2 x 3%


----- Other Related Costs for Property Purchase -----


1. Hazard Insurance

 Depends on Menu Plan and Property Value


2. Initial Property Costs

 *New Property

 a. Initial Building Management:

   2~3 months advance payment


 b. Initial Repair Fund:

   Differs for each Property but is usually a large lump sum


 *Second Hand Property

  Initial Building/Repair Fee:

   Calculated on daily rate according to date of settlement


3. Loan Fees

 Differs with each bank


4. Agent Fee (second hand)

 3% of Property Price

 +¥60,000 + Consumption tax 

 *Commission paid to Agent


Make sure you talk to your agent/ developer

to review costs before hand. 


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