New Maglev = Linear Chuo Shinkansen Line=Further Growth for Tokyo

New Line = New Growth


Shinagawa station which is next to Tamachi station will be the new starting terminal for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen. This new Shinkansen line will be Japan`s new Maglev technology which is estimated to have a top speed of 505 kmph. This line will connect Tokyo to West Japan, Nagoya in 2027, and Osaka city in 2045 . The commute time will be slashed in half with this new Shinkansen line and also spring up the economy for related station areas. An expected “Linear Effect” will most likely happen between Shinagawa and Nagoya stations. Tamachi, as the area next to the starting station, has already been showing price increasing and development to keep up with Shinagawa. This could be said to other stations in West Japan as well.



Shinagawa Nagoya

Fastest: 40min (Opening in 2027)

Price: Shinkansen Fair + roughly JPY 700


Shinagawa Osaka

Fastest: 67min (Opening in 2045)

Price: Shinkansen Fair + roughly JPY 1000


Chuo Shinkansen Wikipedia:ūō_Shinkansen


Maybe now is the better time to go ahead and start looking for property investment in these promising areas. 


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