Investing in Japan`s Central City, Nagoya

Why not consider Nagoya City to invest??

Nagoya, which is in Aichi Prefecture, is well known for being located in the center of Japan. It is a major manufacturing city blessed with “location” and “access convenience”  to provide top of the line logistics. Nagoya serves as a port hub of; ① sea transportation via Nagoya Port which is Japan`s largest port by international trade, ②land transportation via Nagoya Station which is the world`s largest train station by floor area and holds 8 train lines with a bullet train line as well. ③ Air transportation via Chūbu Centrair International Airport which has direct international flights, heavy traffic for domestic flights, while cargo transportation is also a main function of this airport as it plays an important role as the main gateway port for the Central region of Japan.

Nagoya is also famous for the birth of Japan`s leading automotive company, Toyota.


With the planned Maglev Shinkansen Line that will be connecting Tokyo to Nagoya in 2027 (Previous Article) Nagoya is starting to stand out as the 3rd city for property investment choice. Increasing Jobs, high tenancy rates, rising land values, yet property prices are still very very reasonable when comparing to Tokyo and Osaka. It has Japan`s 3rd highest average salary (with Tokyo being #1), population increase in the past 10 years ranked #4 in Japan, with a large middle age demographic. With these aspects it should not be hard to find a tenant for a 2 bedroom or even a single bedroom unit. However it recommended that you stay close to the major Nagoya Station, or connecting stations within the vicinity. It is also said that the east side of Nagoya Station would be the better choice all the way to the Sakae area, where Nagoya`s busiest commercial area is. Just to let readers know, there has been 4 major redevelopment projects completed last year in the area of Nagoya station, and 2 major redevelopment projects coming up. There is no doubt that Nagoya city will eventually rise high enough to line itself up with Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities.

When considering to invest in an area that many people have not touched yet, do research about Nagoya and think about this city as your next investment option.


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