Shibuya Station receives bigtime make-over

Shibuya Station`s Transformation

Shibuya Station is famous for its dungeon-like train station, cross walk that is used by roughly 500k people each day, Hachiko statue, various gourmet restaurants, and shopping for whatever you need. The office side of Shibuya was famous back in the year 2000 when many venture, IT companies streamed into the area, giving Shibuya`s business district the nickname of “ Bit Valley”. However office space has been scarce compared to the world-wide demand to set up an office in Shibuya.

Well Shibuya decided it was time to change that and is in the middle of getting one of the biggest make-overs in Tokyo. The redevelopment plans for the south-side of Shibuya station shows 6 new changes including several commercial buildings with facilities such as  restaurants, event halls, and of course, offices. This month, 2 of the buildings will be complete and Google Japan has taken the opportunity to tenant the 14th – 35th office floors in the Shibuya Stream building. Next year 3 more will be complete and in 2023 the final touch-up change is scheduled to be finished.

Shibuya Station will definitely start its new chapter after the redevelopments are all completed, boosting value and fame. If you are interested to invest in a property located near Shibuya station, please view our property listings for SHIBUYA.