So what's after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

The future after the Tokyo Olympics

Many people predict that the property boom fueled by the Olympics will take a sudden dive right after 2020. However there are other thoughts that say that it “may slow down” but not drop. UBS Bank Switzerland has released a report that that compares property prices with annual income and Tokyo is in the slightly expensive zone. Basically saying that there should not be a risk of a real estate bubble for Tokyo. Another says that property located within 7 minutes to a train station has the potential to uphold its value even after 20 years. Tokyo is undergoing many redevelopments that are connected to the 2020 Olympics, but rather for the “future” growth of Tokyo to become a major hub for Asia. A separate opinion explains the building management, construction technology, and costs that are being put in each project during and after it has been handed over to the new owner. Japan property construction has one of the world`s top class construction technology, and it is not going to waste because there is a fund pooled from new owners to keep the building clean, inspected, and intact. When you buy a property in Japan you are buying an asset that keeps its value and will still look relatively new even after 20 years.

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