Other wards of interest

The "Outer CBDs"

A few wards that are connected to the main 5 wards of Tokyo are receiving more and more focus each year. Shinagawa ward has a newly planned train station to connect directly to Haneda Airport and a new extension to Shinagawa Station for the newly planned bullet train that will connect Tokyo to Osaka, then Nagoya in about half the current train time.

While Meguro ward and Bunkyo ward receive focus because both are connected to 2 of the 5 CBD`s each. 


Shinagawa Ward

l  Shinagawa is a significant commercial area and centre of business.

l  A new Maglev Bullet Train, the “Chuo Shinkansen” is already under construction which will start at Shinagawa Station and connect to Nagoya Station in 2027. In 2045 it will stretch further and connect to Osaka Station, cutting traveling times from East to Central Japan to 40 minutes, and East to West Japan to 1 hour and 35 minutes (estimated).

l  The ward is home to nine embassies and the headquarters of many large corporations.

l  Although located just north of Shinagawa ward in Minato, Shinagawa station is a major transportation interchange and also a popular stop for business people on the shinkansen, many of whom find disembarking at Shinagawa more convenient than Tokyo station for access to the south and west of the city.

l  The west of the station is mainly residential, and there is a large area containing hotels just opposite the station’s west entrance.

l  The east side ranges from commercial to industrial, although many new modern condominiums have been developed near the station and along the many canals extending north along Tokyo Bay in Minato.

l  Significant commercial areas include Gotanda, Osaki, and Tennozu Isle.

l  The Shinagawa Seaside urban redevelopment project lies just to the south of Tennozu Isle and the complex contains modern office buildings, retail, and high-rise residential.


Meguro Ward

l  Connected to Shibuya ward and Minato ward.

l  Has many charming residential areas, including Meguro, Daikanyama, and Ebisu and is popular with foreigners seeking a more suburban lifestyle than Minato or Shibuya.

l  A plethora of luxurious boutiques, restaurants, and cafes can be found in Daikanyama.

l  The ward is home to fifteen foreign embassies and consulates as well as many educational institutions.

l  Contains fashionable shopping districts such as Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro.

l  Popular retail complexes include Yebisu Garden Place and Meguro Gajyoen.


Bunkyo Ward

l  Connected to Shinjuku ward and Chiyoda ward.

l  Primarily a residential and educational centre, famous landmarks in the ward include the prestigious Tokyo University and the Tokyo Dome City complex.

l  Borders Shinjuku and Chiyoda wards, in very close proximity to the major commercial zones in the south and the shopping and entertainment districts to the west.

l  Bunkyo is popular with a number of publishing and IT industries, and medical care also plays an important role in the local economy.


Either of these wards could eventually become

the next CBD in the coming years.

With redevelopment plans for these 3 wards this area could be a considerable investment potential. 

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