Tokyo #1 for 3 years straight

Tokyo #1 since 2014


According to PWC`s Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2007 - 2016 surveys, Tokyo has been ranked #1 for Historical Investment Prospect Rankings. A few reasons such as the maturity of the market, future commercial and infrastructure development plans, economic stability, and of course the worldwide investment focus due to the 2020 Olympics.



Many people are worried that the property market may crash after the olympics but if you think and consider the positive side of the equation, Tokyo may just stable out or continue to increase at a slower speed. One may say, that Tokyo as a mature market is using the Olympics as a booster to increase the worldwide focus and that this metropolis is very similar to other major cities that have hosted the olympics in the past such as Beijing, Sydney, and London. These past cities and Tokyo have a common factor that they are all “already developed” cities with further “future development”. Just something to think about when considering the 2020 Olympics as an investment factor.